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Living with Braces

Getting used to living with braces is going to take some time to adjust. These links were designed to help you adjust to your braces faster and limit the number of surprises you encounter during your treatment. You will learn how to care for your braces and what to do when you encounter an orthodontic “emergency” such as a loose bracket, poking wire, or pain with your braces. The videos will help you fine tune your brushing and flossing techniques. You can also learn what the parts of the braces are called so that if you ever encounter a problem you do not know how to handle, you will be able to accurately describe the problem to your orthodontist over the phone.

Braces Problems - Braces pain, poking wire, broken bracket

Braces Care - Eating, flossing, brushing with braces

Braces Videos

Orthodontic Treatment

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Moving / Changing Orthodontists


Brushing With Braces
Braces Problems Video
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