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Bracesquestions is your one-stop information center for orthodontics, braces and Invisalign information. At Bracesquestions, our goal is to provide current, unbiased information on many aspects of orthodontics.  If you are ready to start treatment, you can find an orthodontics provider by searching our database of thousands of orthodontic providers. 

We hope the information on Bracesquestions will help you understand orthodontics at least a little better and will help answer many questions you have before, during, and after braces.  In addition, we hope that you become knowledgeable about the additional training or certification that orthodontists and board certified orthodontists must go through to specialize in orthodontics.  It is our hope that the knowledge you gain here on Bracesquestions will make your orthodontics experience a little smoother, more enjoyable, and less surprising.  Please see our Blog for recent updates to the site.

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The information on Bracesquestions is not intended to replace the advice or care of a qualified orthodontist, dentist, or other qualified healthcare professional. 

Bracesquestions is an independently owned and operated company.  The company is not owned by any orthodontic practice or orthodontic supply company.
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Brushing With Braces
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